How to Create PDFs from Two or More Word and PPT Files in Bulk

It is necessary to convert that PPT or Word document to PDF because of the advantages that PDFs have over Word and PPT files. PDF is a standard format that makes it easy when sharing because you can access it on any device. Sharing documents in PDF formats ensures that no one alters the file, and it will reach the target as intended because you can restrict features such as editing and printing. Converting PPT or Word documents in bulk is convenient because it helps you save time, which you would have wasted when converting one PPT or Word document at a time. You can use the following tool when batch converting your files:

Batch Word to PDF Converter - Convert Word and PPT to PDF in Bulk

Batch Word to PDF Converter

Batch Word to PDF converter has the following main features:

- It is easy to use because of its simple user interface. You can also pause the batch conversion process and continue later when you please.

- Batch Word to PDF Converter works fast. You can convert bulk PPT or Word files to PDF in minutes. It will help you save time if you have many conversions.

- Apart from converting Word documents to PDFs, this tool can also turn Excel and PowerPoint to PDF.

- You can combine various PDFs to a single PDF with this converter.

- You can password-protect your output PDF because of the security options that this tool has. You can restrict features such as editing and printing on your converted PDF files when sharing them.

- Batch Word to PDF Converter supports many languages, including English, French, German, and many more.

Step by step shows you How to Create PDFs from Two or More Word and PPT Files in Bulk

1 - Import or drag and drop the Word or PPT files you'd like to convert to the batch converter's tool window. Once you have batch converted Word or PPT files to PDF, you can merge the documents into a single PDF if you want. You can achieve this by clicking the 'Merge converted PDFs' option.

2 - Choose the destination folder where you would like to save your output PDFs.

3 - Click the 'Start Now' button to start the bulk conversion process.

Batch PPT to PDF
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